Case studies

Here you will find some of our most important projects that we have developed at MENA Studio.

InPolish Language Academy

InPolish Language Academy is an important language school based in Poland. We have developed a full brand identity for them.


MENA Studio had the opportunity to collaborate with the restaurant Żeberka! to create a unique visual identity.

Mieszczańska Centrum Weterynarii

%title% is a veterinary clinic located in Wrocław, Poland. We have developed a full branding, starting with the brand identity. 

Viadrina Tours

Viadrina Tours is a company that provides touristic experiences in Europe. We developed a complete rebranding for them.

Panta Rhei Studio

Panta Rhei Studio is an interior design studio based in Poland. We developed a website and multiple logo versions for them.

RAYO Off-road Centrum

RAYO Offroad Centrum is one of the most important companies in Poland when it comes to all-terrain customised cars. Have a look at their rebranding.