Żeberka! restaurant Wroclaw mural by MENA Studio

Żeberka! restaurant is a new dining establishment located in the historical Świętego Antoniego street in the heart of Wroclaw, Poland. MENA Studio had the opportunity to collaborate with the restaurant owners to create a unique visual identity that pays homage to the street’s history and culture.

Murals Design for Żeberka! restaurant

As part of the project, MENA Studio designed and painted two murals that capture the essence of the street’s past. The first mural depicts the figure of Saint Anthony of Padua, a religious saint that gives the street its name. Inside of this figure different elements can be found such us the explosion of the Gunpowder tower that stood on the street for 2 centuries until its explosion. A view of Hala Stulecia, first and biggest building in ancient Breslau built in 1913. Orange Alternative icons, Town Hall’s clock and more. The second mural highlights the area’s historical significance by showcasing an image of Jerome Bonaparte riding the Czech coat of arms and the Żeberka! logo backed by the arrows representing the Mongol invasion of the area in 1241.

Website Design for Żeberka!

To showcase the restaurant’s menu and story, MENA Studio designed a website that is both visually stunning and user-friendly. The website’s design reflects the restaurant’s cozy and warm atmosphere. Using the brand’s color scheme that complements the murals’ tones. Therefore, visitors can easily access the menu and learn about the inspiration behind the restaurant’s opening. You can check their website here: zeberka.net


All in all, through its visual identity and design, Żeberka! restaurant aims to be a welcoming space that celebrates the street’s historical significance and cultural richness. MENA Studio is proud to have contributed to the revitalization of this unique corner of Wroclaw, and we look forward to seeing how Żeberka! restaurant will continue to evolve. Come and visit us to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting that captures the essence of Wroclaw’s past and present.

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