RAYO Off-road Centrum

RAYO Off-road Centrum rebranding by MENA Studio Wroclaw Poland web graphic design

Revamping a Brand: The RAYO Off-road Centrum Rebranding Project

RAYO Off-road Centrum is a leading 4×4 shop located in Wroclaw, Poland. Also known thanks to their e-commerce website rayo4x4.pl, As the company’s branding hadn’t been updated since 2006, MENA Studio was tasked with refreshing the brand image to better reflect the company’s modern approach and commitment to quality.

Logo Redesign

As part of the rebranding project, MENA Studio developed a new logo that reflects RAYO Off-road Centrum’s focus on off-road vehicles and adventure. The new logo features a bold and dynamic design that incorporates an isotype resembling a road to the mountains, that form at the same time the letter “R” and an inverted lightning bolt. Not an accident, taking into account that the Founder’s surname is Iskra which translates as rayo (lighting bolt) in Spanish. The full version of the logo presents the company’s name and tagline as well.

Website Redesign: rayo4x4.com

MENA Studio also developed a new website for RAYO Off-road Centrum, featuring a modern and user-friendly design that highlights the company’s products and services. The website’s layout and color scheme were carefully chosen to enhance the user experience and showcase the company’s expertise. Also, a gallery was developed to show the most important cars built by the company in the last 10 years. You can visit the site here: https://rayo4x4.com

Branding Materials

To complement the new logo and website, MENA Studio also designed a range of branding materials for RAYO Offroad Centrum. This included new business cards, clothing, stickers, and other promotional materials. All of these materials were designed with a consistent style and color scheme, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand image across all touch-points.


The RAYO Off-road Centrum rebranding project was a challenging but rewarding experience for MENA Studio. Our goal was to create a modern and dynamic brand image that reflected the company’s commitment to quality and adventure. By updating the logo, website, and branding materials, we were able to establish a new, fresh image for RAYO Off-road Centrum that truly represents their business today. We look forward to seeing how this new brand image will help the company grow and thrive in the future.

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