RAYO off road centrum

RAYO off road centrum is one of the most important companies in Poland when it comes to all-terrain customised cars. Have a look at their rebranding.

Branding is always a challenge. There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to a brand and its identity. That was the case of RAYO off road centrum. An important company located in Wroclaw, Poland, with a very specific goal: building all-terrain cars.

The sense of adventure, reliability was built trough its existance along 16 years, but times comes with a cost: change. That was the goal for Jacek Iskra, CEO and Founder of RAYO. At the beginning, the off road experience was not that developed in Poland and there were just a few adventurers but the rapid development of brands like Toyota

The history behind

RAYO off road centrum was founded in 2006. Back in the days, in was focused on service and repair Land Rover cars. The influence was clear to the point that the oficial logo was inside of an oval, and a squared tagline, just like Land Rover.

but Time does change. A lot of brands were jumping in the off road market, such us Toyota, etc.